We're all about gorgeous design, the best materials and exceptional craftmanship. Our Collections are hand picked for quality and enduring style - jewellery that makes a statement and sets a mood.

We source designs from all over the world and bring to you, our finest selection of contemporary sterling silver jewellery designed for the modern woman.


A beautiful piece of jewellery is a lasting statement...



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A great design is the heart of everything we do.  We draw on the ever changing world of art, fashion and culture to bring you some of the most beautiful jewellery designs from around the globe to you.


Not all silver is created equal, which is why we ensure our jewellery is crafted from only the finest 925 Sterling Silver.


We source our jewellery from all over the world, but in our experience, the finest silver and the best craftsmen come from Mexico, Italy and South East Asia.

Handcrafted Silver Jeweller

The 7 Essentials of Jewellery Style

A girl's jewellery collection can get cluttered. Last season's beads, oversize pendants and faux jewels in every colour. So many trinkets and not a lot of style... damn you, impulse purchase!

Let us help you get back to the basics.

Your jewellery wardrobe should start with 7 key pieces - beautifully crafted from the purest materials. They should be pieces you love, that reflect your style, that you want to wear again and again..

Our extensive collection is all about unique, bold design that is distinctly feminine.

Washing Powder 2kg R30.00

All other cleaning products available.

Please phone for price, as the price changes

the whole time due to import costs. 



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